Cottage Life From A Southern View
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain.......Anonymous

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Summer vacation is officially over tomorrow and as I look back over the summer I wonder how in the world it went by so fast.
Despite alot of rainy cloudy days we have had a great time.
Last week we had several of our best days/nights ever over on the island.
We found lots of treasure, celebrated Harry's birthday, had a successful fishing adventure, enjoyed having a bonfire on the beach and spent time with each other and friends that we cherish.

We enjoyed our annual church jungle rapids day with NaNa and Grampy.
We are so thankful that Grampy will never be too old for waterslides...

We enjoyed a fun night on the beach with friends.
I will not mention the ticket we received for starting a fire on Topsail Beach, the woman graph Harry and Jeff are all smiles about or the fact that I promised Ginny I would not post a picture of us.....

The guys summed the night up best when they said the fun we had was worth wayyy more than the twenty dollar ticket.

Harry's birthday was spent on the island and it was probably the best day we have had all summer.
It was wonderful, the kids enjoyed the ice cream boat and fun with friends and we ended the night with key lime pie and Happy Birthday sung by our family and the Garners.

I dont know of one water sport this man of mine cant do and now skim boarding is no exception.

Im not sure if Ive ever shared that weekdays on the water are my favorite.  Harry took the day off and the ocean was flat so we went on a little fishing adventure and it was a great day.  I also found lots of treasures up on the island.

Just like that summer is over.
I hate that time is moving so fast these days.
Now its time to get back into the rat race of school and sports.
Will made the middle school football team and aaron grace is one of the cheerleaders so practices have already begun.  Little man starts preschool next week and is so excited about his teacher and seeing all his little friends.
Kate is not in a single picture because she is already back in school (her second year of college) and between school and work and her social life she stays very busy.
Im sorry for the long post but I think this catches you up.
See you soon!!!!