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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April and The Boys Room Makeover

I promise I haven't stopped blogging.  Life has been so busy lately.
We are so excited to see spring time arrive.  I feel like it has been the longest winter ever.  We have been busy with soccer and tennis and just life.  We are entering my favorite time of year, I just love Easter and spring time and of course summer!

Soccer has been going great for Graham.  He gets better each week.
Will Pill is enjoying being on the tennis team.
It has been nice to see him excited about it.
And of course it helps that his best bud Cam is on the team too.

I promise you faithful readers some shots of the boys room redo months ago.
The room is almost the way I want it and it is actually for the most part clean right now so I decided I would go ahead and share.
I love the way thier room turned out.
Harry custom made the bunk beds and I looooove them and so do the boys.
If we could only get Graham to sleep in them.

The great monograms are by Courtney over at Charming Little Nest.  See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

March Sunshine.................

Im not sure the sun has been out since the last post I wrote.
Well, not really but close.
We enjoyed a great weekend of sunshine and warmer weather around these parts and I have never been more thankful.
Spring means lots of activities around here and we are in full swing.
The sunshine and warmer temps make it all alot easier.
Since last year Graham has asked me 100 times if he could play soccer.  Why? I have no clue.  I am pretty sure he has never seen a soccer game, I cant recall anything he has seen on tv about soccer and it is really not a sport any of us have alot of experience with.
When Will and Aaron Grace were 4 and 5 they played upward soccer.  Aaron Grace liked it (more for the social aspect) and Will sat in my lap for every game.
So that is the extent of our experience with soccer.
But since Graham was adament that he wanted to play and he cant really play any other sports until he is 5, I signed him up!
 Now let me give you the scoop on this little man of mine.
He is very Shy----- like it took weeks for him to breathe a word to his teacher at school--- he does not do well with strangers or when attention is drawn to him.
Our first practice went well, if they just didnt have breaks where he gets really nervous and just wants to come sit in my lap and cry we would be okay.
Then came the game----- he has a cool new pair of soccer cleats, the shin gards, a whole new wardrobe of athletic clothes (yuck), a new soccer ball,  I mean I got him all set, he looks like a professional----and he froze.
He decided he didnt want to go on the field, he was great with just being a spectator and cheering his team on.
He watched and I promised him the moon to get him out there and finally the last quater of the game he goes----but he has to have the coach hold his hand.  Progress....
After the little games they pray and get stickers for effort or christlikeness or defense.
Im not sure if he is so in to the after game part because of the stickers or the relief that it is over!
Anyway----this week was game #2 and well we made a little more progress.
He actually played in 3 of the quaters or whatever you have in soccer and by played I mean he held onto the coach most of the time.
He did kick the ball several times and he looooved getting the blue sticker for effort this week.
My hope for this Saturday is that he will let go of the poor coaches finger!
So I took lots of pictures just in case he decides never to go on the field again!
Poor Harry had to do the warm ups with him and we were all there to cheer him on.
Im hoping this week will be better!
See you Soon!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


February.... where do I even begin?
Let's see the last time I posted was on the eve of mine and Will's birthday.  We celebrated Will that afternoon with two of his favorite friends Ella and Cameron.
The kids played putt putt and then we headed to the melting pot for our dinner experience.
I just have to say that if you don't know this crew, they all have quite the sense of humor.

It was such a fun time!!!
The next day was our actual birthday and for me it began with a yearly physical with all the blood work.
It was not a great experience considering that I can now have less than 100 carbs a day due to a high blood sugar.
Actually not just 1 high blood sugar but a 3 month average that does not look promising.
So what a great gift no carbs and lots of excersize!
We ended the day with a TMS basketball game.

And then came the ice storm.
It was very stressfull.
Our power went out and I thought one night without power no big deal.  And then we found out it was going to be more like 3 nights without power and I was begging Harry to find us a place to stay.
I am so thankful for friends that had an empty beach house that weekend because it is certainly a valentines I will always remember.
We enjoyed staying at the Ward's gorgeous beach house and while we were there I convinced Graham to do a little photo shoot because the sun coming in those windows makes the perfect light.

We celebrated our Valentines Day down at the beach with dinner out as a family and then our little gifts for each of the kids.

Before the ice storm Graham and I made his Valentine's for all of his friends.  He was so proud because he wrote the G in his name on all the labels.

We made special spoonfull of kisses valentines for his teachers.

Despite the ice, it was a fun weekend!
Now everyone is getting back into the swing of things with school.
We are ending basketball season this week, and Graham is starting soccer.  He has been begging to play and I am not quite sure why but we are going to give it a try.
Today everyone is outside playing and enjoying the sunshine!
I don't think our spring like weather is supposed to hang around long so we are all enjoying it while we can!
Have a great week!  See you soon!